AgentSync raised $25M in Series A round at a $220M Valuation

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AgentSync is a recognizable establishment that modernizes tools and infrastructure, powering the latest insurance universe. Going by the latest news, it has recently announced around $25 million in series A. It is expected to use funds for accelerating product development, with the firm building the most comprehensive producer management solutions.

AgentSync is currently tackling significant barriers to innovation to understand how insurers and brokers get connected with each other. By leveraging technology to perform heavy lifting surrounding the management distribution channels, AgentSync attempts to build the most sought-after producer management system.

The more innovative funds &steadily emerging revenue stream are expected to accelerate product development as the company pursues the plan to create newer solutions to the pain points for insurers and producers.

David Sacks and Elad Gil are the co-founders. Gil has reported that he is attracted to companies that demonstrate potential for transforming operations for different industries. AgentSync now aims to create efficiencies for the whole market.

The first product of the company is AgentSync Manage. It uses technology and automation to perform heavy lifting of licensing compliances. The design is created on Salesforce & direct integration with NIPR or National Insurance Producer Registry. It creates efficacy & enables agencies, MGAs, and carriers to grow & scale accordingly.

As of now, it has 100 percent retention & early customers include Lemonade, Hippo Insurance, Embroker, iptiQ, Hub International, Centene, Rippling, and Beam Dental, to mention a few.

AgentSync, the comprehensive platform, is developing tools downstream and upstream of the core licensing compliance products. It positions the establishment to meet the full range of industry requirements. By creating operational efficacy and mitigating (and eliminating) back-office jobs, AgentSync focuses on fueling the emergence of industry incumbents. At the same time, it also reduces friction for the new insurtech disruptors as they become a part of the scale and market. AgentSync is now becoming the industry’s most centralized and trusted platform

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